Understanding Society Scientific Conference 2019 - , University of Essex

In the same week as the Understanding Society Scientific Conference, there are two free workshops taking place, one on using weights in Understanding Society; and one on panel data econometrics using Understanding Society.

The following events will be held on 1st July 2019 and are now bookable via the main Understanding Society website.

Using weights in Understanding Society

Understanding Society has a very complex survey structure and this needs to be taken into account in any analysis in order to infer results to a population. An easy way to take the structure into account correctly is by using weights alongside strata and clustering adjustments. This course aims to explain what weights take into account in Understanding Society. First, we will describe how weights are created. We will then provide guidance on how to select the best weight for a range of analyses. The course will then expand on how to create a tailored weight for a specific analysis, when this can make a difference and will be worth the effort, and will walk you step by step on creating such weights in a lab session.

Panel data econometrics using Understanding Society

In this introductory course, practical applications of panel data econometric methods will be illustrated using data from Understanding Society. There will be a strong emphasis on applied work, illustrating the use of relevant computer software with code provided for Stata. The short course will cover a range of topics in linear panel data models and nonlinear (dynamic) panel models. Familiarity with the basic syntax and structure of Stata is assumed.