Understanding Society Scientific Conference 2019 - , University of Essex

Building robust evidence-based policy for children in the digital age

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Day:Thu 4 Jul
  • Andrew Przybylski, University of Oxford

The amount of time young people in Britain spend online has doubled in the last decade and the ubiquity of social media and digital screens has driven concerns that this use might negatively influence children’s psychosocial development and wellbeing. Earlier findings suggest that there are rich contextual dynamics linking digital screens use to young people’s wellbeing which need to be examined in greater depth. Using child and family-level data from Understanding Society Waves 1-8, and using multilevel modelling and an approach called Specification Curve Analysis, this paper will examine the following questions: (a) how does access and use of digital technologies relate to child and adolescent wellbeing? (b) What embodiments of technology and child characteristics shape technology effects on young people? (c) What are the key family and community factors that shape technology effects on young people?