Understanding Society Scientific Conference 2019 - , University of Essex

How to increase participation in mobile app data collection?

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Day:Wed 3 Jul
  • Jon Burton, University of Essex

This presentation will examine the effectiveness of different study design features at increasing participation in a mobile app data collection task. The analyses will be based on two studies that used mobile apps to collect detailed information about spending over a month; one study was carried out in 2016 the other in 2018. Both studies were implemented in the Innovation Panel of the UK Household Longitudinal Study, a general population probability sample of Great Britain, with additional experimentation in an access panel.

The study design features include offering respondents a bonus incentive for downloading the app, offering an alternative within the app for how spending can be reported (either by taking pictures of shopping receipts or by entering spending manually), offering a browser-based alternative to the app, offering respondents feedback about the spending they report, varying the on-boarding process such that participants either receive an invitation letter by post or are invited to download the app within the annual Innovation Panel interview. Several of these design features were tested experimentally, others can be analysed quasi-experimentally. Outcomes examined will include whether sample members participated in the app study at all, if they did, how intensely they complied with the data collection task, and effects on representativeness of the participant sample.