Understanding Society Scientific Conference 2019 - , University of Essex

Patterns of household-based panel retention in eight countries

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Day:Tue 2 Jul
  • Dean Lillard, Ohio State University

Household-based panels have a particular feature - the unfolding generational following rules - that gives rise to a little noted pattern in the age distribution that arises as sample members attrite. This pattern reveals itself only when one compares age distributions over time. The pattern strongly suggests that members of multi-generational households persist at higher rates than households who enter the panel as single persons (and who remain single). This paper has two specific aims. First, it documents the recurring pattern in eight of the nine countries that contribute data to the Cross-National Equivalent File. Second, it explores whether the pattern is consequential in the sense of biasing coefficient estimates of correlations across generations (e.g. in income, earnings, education....).