Understanding Society Scientific Conference 2019 - , University of Essex

ESRC Data Infrastructure: maximising opportunities within the new UKRI research funding landscape

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Day:Thu 4 Jul
  • Alison Park, ESRC

Professor Alison Park, ESRC Director of Research, will provide an overview of strategic developments across UKRI and ESRC with a focus on data infrastructure. The creation of UKRI is a major opportunity for UK research and innovation to sustain its global reputation. As a council of UKRI, ESRC retains its core mission to support research excellence within the social sciences and contribute to challenge-led interdisciplinary research. UKRI brings new opportunities for the social sciences through new funding opportunities, cross-cutting funding, cross-council working, and new opportunities for early career researchers through the UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships scheme. An overview of ESRC’s Strategic Delivery Plan (SDP) will be provided highlighting that data infrastructure is one of its four foundational pillars. Building on the SDP, ESRC is developing its data infrastructure strategy – Data4Society – which aims to make data available and easy to use by researchers, with appropriate safeguards for personal data. Progress made since the 2017 Longitudinal Studies review will also be outlined where a number of scoping and evidence gathering projects are taking place. The presentation will conclude with a discussion about the importance around citation and impact of ESRC funded data.